What is an investment fund?

An investment fund is an investment tool that allows professionals to manage your savings, allowing them to be used in several money and capital market instruments. Investment funds are managed by professional managers based on the principles of minimum risk and maximum income. As a result of developments in the markets and news flow throughout the day, the securities in the funds are actively managed to ensure optimum income for your savings.

If you are a retail customer, you can buy and sell funds via Internet Banking or mobile banking, and if you are an SME, via corporate Internet banking.


Advantages of Yapı Kredi Funds

  • You will receive professional management services for your private savings.
  • You will get the investment advantages that bigger anchor investors have even with a more modest savings amount
  • You can vary your portfolio, and therefore minimize risk, by using different securities as fixed income, foreign exchange indexed securities, and stocks.
  • Value increases in the fund portfolio are reflected on the investor accounts on a daily basis and, thanks to the high liquidity of investment funds, you can easily cash in your funds based on their current value.