A Leveraged FX Transaction is the buying and/or selling transaction of foreign exchange, commodities, precious metals, and other assets on the over-the-counter market based on a certain leverage rate against the coverage amount deposited with no physical delivery in question.

Yapı Kredi Invest's FxBox platform is the platform where leveraged FX transactions are performed. Capital Markets Board controls leveraged FX transactions via Notice on Leveraged Buying and Selling Transactions and Principles for the Organizations that can Perform Such Transactions with Serial V, No: 125.

Channels Through Which FxBox Transactions Can Be Performed

  • FxBox Platform www.FxBox.com.tr
  • Mobile Transaction Channels (iPad, iPhone and other Android mobile phones)

What is FxBox?

  • Leveraged FX transactions are a spread-based product traded on over-the-counter markets. The transactions are essentially performed via electronic platforms connected to the banks providing liquidity.
  • In leveraged FX markets, an investor has the opportunity to get a position in different currencies up to the multiplies of the capital. Transactions are possible on FX markets 5 days a week, 24 hours a day. Investors usually close the positions they opened on the same day. For positions carried over to the next day, the swap difference is reflected on the investor.
  • No physical delivery is allowed for the products; all products are subject to cash settlement. For positions carried over to the next day, the swap difference is reflected on the investor’s account.
  • The FxBox demo platform is provided to investments free of charge and without any time limit. On the FxBox platform, prices are seen live and transactions are performed based on real prices. This aims to help users get used to the FxBox platform and to obtain information on the functioning of the parities and precious metal markets. Please visit www.FxBox.com.tr for more detailed information.