With the services and privileges of Crystal Card that complement your elite lifestyle, you may enjoy success in your work life and relaxation and great comfort in your private life. Suddenly, the world is just for you and your loved ones...


Where glittering lives meet: Crystal

  • Take full advantage of the limitless privileges offered by Crystal Concierge! The “DMS Concierge” concierge service, offered around the world, is available only to our valued Crystal Card owners in Turkey. With DMS Concierge, no matter where you are around the world, you may tap into the privileges associated with your elite lifestyle with just one call.
  • The Overseas Travel Insurance provides you with comprehensive insurance coverage in case of injury, accident or any situation requring immediate action. With the Overseas Travel Insurance, you do not need to buy the insurance policy which is required during the visa procedures for travels abroad.
  • Set out on unforgettable journeys with your Crystal Card privileges! Use your Crystal Card to arrange all your domestic and international flight and hotel reservations, buy your plane ticket with points earned or with Avanspuan if you like, and take advantage of jet or limousine rental, visa arrangement, airport transportation with a private driver or shuttle and valet parking.
  • Benefit from Yapı Kredi Assistance Services by calling 444 0 446 Yapı Kredi Vip Line to enjoy such services as Roadside Assistance, Home Assistance and Information Services.
  • Enjoy a special 5% discount in all hotel and restaurant charges both domestic and abroad.
  • Enjoy 10% discount campaigns offered in a different industry every month, as well as a 20% discount in domestic hotels and restaurants chosen specially for you all year round.
  • Discover newly opened establishments, the latest trends, and new destinations with the Crystal magazine sent to you by mail.
  • You will always have more than anyone else with Crystal, designed exclusively for Yapı Kredi’s private customers for the specific customers! To explore crystalcard.com.tr